Making the most of a long weekend

Holy, it’s been a while! How is it March already!?

As soon as I returned from our Christmas in Ireland, I found myself on SkyScanner –  I needed to have another trip lined up. Lucky for me, we had a long weekend in Malta mid February! This weekend just so happened to line up with Bryan’s  volleyball match in Bocholt, Germany. So, thanks to RyanAir, I booked my 30 euro plane ticket to Cologne and a return flight from Brussels. The weekend’s itinerary included: visiting Bryan in Cologne, stopping by to see family friends in Bolland, Belgium, and having a day in Brussels before my flight to Malta.

  1. Cologne, Germany:  I had heard amazing things about this small city: the christmas markets and the Carnival. While neither of these events were going on, I kept busy for a half day by re-familiarizing myself with the massive lines in the Primark fitting rooms, ogling at the massive Cologne Cathedral and getting my foodie food fix at The Great Berry. I rented a car and traveled up to Bocholt to see Bryan’s game, and afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat at a local Greek restaurant! The taramasalata was definitely up to Francesca-standards – delicious. When in Germany… eat greek food..?

    The following day, we spent the afternoon exploring Cologne together. Our relaxing day consisted of a walk along the Rhine, visiting the Cologne Cathedral and climbing 535 steps to the top of the steeple, and having a nice curry for lunch at a local vegan restaurant. We mixed in a few kölschs and adult hot chocolates throughout the day before going to the airport. More kölschs were enjoyed at the airport before Bryan flew back to Leipzig and before I took the bus to Liège, Belgium.

  2. Bolland, Belgium: I took the bus from Cologne to Liège, during which I communicated to a travelling Brazilian family using broken Spanish and google translate for almost the entire bus ride! … That was one way to kill time. The Beyens, our family friends, picked me up and took me back to their house in the country side. They offered me unlimited chocolate and tea while we played Catan, our favourite game.  It was a short, but very sweet (no pun intended) visit with the Beyens. I was off to Brussels in the morning.
  3. Brussels is great city! This was my second time visiting and it has such a cool vibe to it. I walked around the centre (Grand Place etc), popped into some shops for chocolate, shoes and beer sampling (in that exact order). Also, I met up with a guy who had been traveling Russia and Europe for the past four months, some interesting stories that’s for sure! We posted up at the Delirium Cafe, which has over 2000 types of beers with various beer halls and bars. I would happily go there again and taste some more! This was a really nice way to round-out a busy weekend getaway.

But what did I do when I got back to the office on Tuesday? Back on to my trusty SkyScanner… next destination: Madeira. Stay tuned!

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