Christmas Holidays and German Christmas Markets

So This One Time in Malta… I went to Germany for a few days of Christmas markets.

Christmas markets, or Weihnachtsmarkts, are a winter tradition that have now conquered the world. From small German towns to the massive, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London, UK… people visit these festive fairs to fully embrace the cheerful, cozy Christmas holidays. Market stalls sell a variety of German food, winter slippers, Christmas ornaments and other hand-made goods. The stalls have twinkling fairy lights and play catchy Christmas songs, it’s impossible not to be in a Christmas mood!

Flash back to last year when I was visiting Prague with Bryan and a friend. Having Christmas Markets dotted around the city made it easy to explore on foot… stopping every hour or so for a nice, warm mug of mulled wine and any snack we fancied (typically consisting of klobasa and rye bread). Now… since Bryan is living in Bad Dürrenberg (see my previous post), I decided to revisit the tiny German town to get my yearly intake of Glühwein (mulled wine) and bratwursts. The other night, we went into Leipzig as a group (with another Canadian and Greek couple) to walk around the main market. The mulled wine is sold in cute, small Christmas mugs… with each city detailing its own mug differently.

Other than mulled wine, you can get some hot beer (kinda weird? but I’m sure its good), hot cacao/chocolate, tea and last but definitely not least: feuerzangenbowle. This drink consists of torching a cube of sugar over a mug of mulled wine, then a mixture of liquors is poured over top of the sugar… pure happiness in a cup.


The following night, Bryan and I returned for seconds… but just for the food. We brought our own beers into the market because we’re thrifty like that and saved our money for a festive, German market dining experience (minimal cutlery, napkins and table manners). We shared a bratwurst and a serving of bratkartoffeln mit champignons (potatoes and bratwurst with a side of sautéed mushrooms). We may or may not have dabbled into another bratwurst afterwards…. ’tis the season? Thank goodness we held back on the Kurtoskalacs, which is one of my favourites. It’s called a chimney cake, as it is slowly cooked around a large wooden spit and coated with cinnamon and sugar. We deserve a pat on the back for having even a sliver of will power to resist tasting the market desserts.

The Canadian group!
leipzig wintergartenstraße!
The girls (Lauren, myself and Maria)

We’re on our way to Berlin today for the afternoon before we fly out to Dublin tonight! An Irish Christmas should be one to remember. Next post will surely be about our Guinness Connoisseur Tour Experience. I hope everyone back home in Canada is having a safe and happy Christmas 🙂 Being back in a cold climate makes me miss home, but mulled wine certainly helps!






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