Selmun Hike and the Coral Lagoon

So This One Time in Malta… instead of going to the beach, we went for a hike!

As I have recently learned… Malta isn’t always warm and it actually gets quite chilly here. The humidity plays wicked tricks on your body. It also doesn’t help that there is no central heating, so more often than not, it is warmer outside (16-17 degrees) than it is inside. And surprisingly I still haven’t received any sympathy from my friends and family!

Anyways, enough complaining. Last Sunday it was beautiful outside. Hot enough for jeans and t-shirts, even shorts when you stood in the sunlight long enough. And since it’s not beach weather, we decided to venture for a hike/walk/trek instead. My Maltese colleague said this was one of his favourite areas of Malta, so we jumped in the car and headed for Selmun.

We started at Selmun Palace and immediately went in the wrong direction (whoops). We walked behind the Ghajn Hadid Tower and climbed down the embankment to a beach. We continued along the coast for 30 minutes or so until we arrived at our destination, Selmun beach. The weather was perfect, we may have even caught some sun! We walked up a road and back to the car, with time to spare to go see another spot. This walk was about 4.2 kilometers.

Our hike at Selmun. The beach is located in Imgiebah Bay. 

Our next stop was the Coral Lagoon, located by Armier Bay. We could see both Comino and Gozo from our resting point because of the clear skies and well, because… Malta is tiny.

The Coral Lagoon is a massive rocky outcrop, or for lack of better words, a massive hole in the rock people like to jump off of. No one was swimming when we were there, but I can see why it’s popular in the summer months — I’ll definitely be going back to jump once or twice. The ledge must be about 10 meters high… and when you jump, you have to swim out to the sea and climb back up the rocks.  Sounds safe, right Francesca? 

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We finished off the evening with a small bite to eat and a warm drink at Fontanella in Mdina. We were all exhausted from the two walks, so we deserved a bite or two of cake.

People say Malta can be a boring in the winter, but you just need to explore different activities, like trekking or rock climbing (something that involves rocks most likely). Still so many places to see in Malta, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be bored.

Ciao ciao!























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