Quick Trip to Rome

So This One Time in Malta… I went to Rome, again.

Back in 2014 I ventured off to Milan to visit my cousin, the hilarious writer of Flights Fashion Food. After an Italian crash course, I was confident ordering my gelato, morning croissant and cappuccino, and shoes in my size.  My cousin, Olivia, showed me the best food spots in Milan and after that, I knew I was in good hands for our trip to Rome.

Fast-forward to one Friday evening in November (only last weekend). I arrived in Rome and was greeted by my mother, who so kindly waited for my delayed flight with a couple small bottles of prosecco. Within 30 minutes, we arrived at our Air B&B in Trastevere and with another 10 minutes found our recommended pizza restaurant, Dar Poeta. Our small jugs of house wine arrived right away and our pizza and appetizer followed within 5 minutes. Wined and dined, immediately. Ah, Rome… I love you. 

The rest of the weekend consisted of more food, wine and walking around Palazzo Venezia, Orange Gardens and Trastevere. We booked a segway tour from our old Air B&B host (from the 2014 trip) and honorary-family friend, Mario! He showed us the history of Trastevere and some surrounding sites for a few hours (** Highly recommend ** Nine Bot Tours Rome). Photos to follow! But first, the food:

Carbonara: Trattoria Da Enzo
Cacio e Pepe: Trattoria da Augusto
Pizza: Da Poeta and Pizzeria Nerone
Gelato: anywhere
Wine in Trastevere: Enoteca Ferrara
Pasta and wine: Antico Moro, and anywhere.. It’s Italy we’re talking about here. 
Chocolate liquor shots: Vendita Libri, Cioccolata e Vino (a must!)

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Rome, I’ll be back!

Ciao Ciao


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