So This One Month in Malta…

Time sure flies by on this tiny Island… for now anyways! It feels like only last week I was living in England, travelling to Germany to visit my boyfriend.. but nope, I’ve spent the last month exploring, living and working in Malta. Sure, I only posts the sunny photos and talk about the fun activities, but moving to an unfamiliar country has its hardships as well. So, to commemorate one month in Malta, I thought I’d compile a list of things I have discovered since moving to Malta….

  1. The less things you own, the less hassle you’ll have when moving. RyanAir may be cheap, but it costs you an arm and a leg to buy three check-in bags.
  2. Maltese time is never on time. 
  3. Expect the worst from buses and don’t use them if you’re tight on time. But don’t use white taxis either because they rip you off. There are post-bar taxi services that will get you from Paceville to Mosta for €2.
  4. Literally everything you need is found and bought in a pharmacy. These tiny stores house thousands of items I forgot existed. They’re stowed away in glass cabinets so the pharmacist has to help you find what you’re looking for. This makes shopping a longer, less independent process than it normally is, but the staff are friendly and always very helpful.
  5. It’s always sunny and hot here, for the most part. I never thought I’d say this, but I really miss autumn. I love the sweaters, chunky scarfs, etc. It’s different to not experience extreme seasons here (I know I haven’t yet… but I have an idea of the seasons here).
  6. Driving in Malta. Forumla 1 racer wannabes for the most part. Oh, and speed limits are posted in either miles or kilometers… but they don’t tell you which one.. really smart, Malta.
  7. Make an effort to introduce yourself to your pharmacist. My pharmacist now knows me by name, where I work, where I’m from and probably some other information I shouldn’t share online. But hey, I now get a local discount too. bonus. 
  8. Malta does not have a drain system. So when she rains, she pours and she floods. Make sure to wait 30 minutes after the rain has stopped if you wish to walk anywhere without a car splashing you. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. 
  9. Try not to eat your entire meal. The meals are cheap and portions are large… a recipe for disaster or the freshman 15 equivalent (with a slower metabolism).
  10. Get to know some local store owners. I’ve found the Mosta locals very friendly and have given me some useful hints about grocery shopping and general advice.

And the most unfortunate learning experience:

Opening up a bank account. My most recent banking experience required me to detail all my addresses for the past 3 years (3 in UK and 5 in Nova Scotia), explain why my parents lived in Hong Kong, why they left England, why I then moved to the UK and how much money I have in all my accounts (hilarious question for a recent graduate, right?). Dear god, mayaswell have given HSBC a copy of my family tree.

However, the pros of moving country obviously outweigh the cons, or else I wouldn’t put myself and my bank account through it twice… so, on that note, I created a short movie documenting the adventures of this past month. I was lucky enough to be in Malta for the last month of summer! Hope you guys enjoy!

Ciao Ciao!


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