Quick trip to: Ta’Qali Farmers’ Market

So This One Time in Malta…  I biked to Ta’Qali Farmers’ market.

One of the challenges of moving country is finding the best bang for your buck, for food. After a year of living in the UK, I had finally figured out where to get certain groceries and which stores had the lowest price… then I decided to move to Malta. So here I am, having to go through the same process. Thankfully, there is a Lidl right next to my work, so its easy to pick up some cheaper items there; however, with low price comes low quality.

Last weekend, my housemate Manuela, went to the market with a car and was able to pick up lots of fresh produce for the whole house. I was surprised that my big bag of tomatoes, courgettes, mushrooms, marrows and broccoli, house onions and potatoes only came to 6 euro. So, Saturday morning, I decided to venture to the market on my bike. The bike ride was only 2.5 km and it winded through some small streets of Mosta and avoided most busy roads.

A couple of stalls at the market

All produce sold at Ta’ Qali market is grown locally, as other vendors parked outside the market area will sell bananas and other imported produce for a higher price. I walked around a few times, scouting out the produce and it was overwhelming. While I was waiting to buy some kale, I saw a lady ask for some courgettes below the counter. So I asked her how much they cost and she kindly noted that ones below were half the cost of the ones above for people to see. Ah-ha, it wasn’t her first rodeo. 

Once my air-force backpack (thanks to my brother, Matthew) was full. I bike home very carefully to not squash my tomatoes or crack my eggs. My entire grocery haul include: eggplants, courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms, kale, eggs, 1/4 of a pumpkin, butternut squash and a few maltese baked goods (Imqaret and Qagħaq ta’l-Għasel). And I spent €11, plus some exercise and vitamin D… not a bad start to my Saturday!

Thankful for a big backpack

I’ll definitely make an effort to visit the market more frequently! Nice to sample different foods and talk with some locals, who have all been really friendly might I add 🙂

Anyways, the beach is calling!

Ciao Ciao!


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