The Blue Lagoon – Kemmuna (Comino)

So This One Time in Malta… we went to the Blue Lagoon! (Along with every other tourist)

As a Canadian, my body is still in shock adjusting to such warm temperatures in mid-October. On Saturday, it reached 28 degrees Celsius (but felt like 34),  but Sunday was slightly cooler with the southern winds (26 degrees or so), which made a perfect beach day.

We were lucky to have a friend with a car… so we didn’t have to depend on the bus service. From Mosta we drove through Bugibba, Il-Pwales, Xemxija, Ta’Bragg, Għadira, Mellieha and then into Cirkewwa, which is where the ferry departs from. I hope you tried to pronounce that last sentence. The ferry costed €10 and we landed in the Blue Lagoon about 10 minutes later – it was very civilized!

I was with four other colleagues and it was our first time to Comino.. and we couldn’t believe the colour of the water (hence, the blue lagoon).

The Blue Lagoon, October 2016

We placed our bags down, changed our outfits and were in the water within 15 minutes. We swam from the main beach (which is only 20 metres wide and 6 metres deep, fyi) to the other side to a small island (shown in the photo above). We laid in the sand and basked in the sun before exploring a bit more of the area. The current between the two islands picked up just as we decided to swim back to the mainland… and so I was informed afterwards, this has caused some major concerns in the past.

The rest of our day consisted of laying in the sun, searching for a some-what flat, comfortable rocky surface to nap and snorkeling in small caves in the side of the island.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv
Me and Ioana in the lagoon!

The beach was quite busy while we were there, but it was tolerable. Our ferry ride back took us to some caves close by to get a closer look. With 80s and 90s music on the speakers, it made for a good end to the day! Next time we go to Comino, we plan to explore other beaches and areas of the island. This shouldn’t take us too long with its size of 3.496 km².

It should start to cool down on the island soon… but still plenty of places to explore!

Tips for fellow travelers:
Pack lots of water and food, as it is expensive on the island with limited choice
– Pack an umbrella (or else you need to pay €5) to give yourself a break from the sun
– Bring a comfy towel or yoga mat! (You’ll thank me later)

On a side note… I may never attempt to swim in the Atlantic Ocean again, brrrrr you brave Canadians!   Ciao Ciao!


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