My first visitors

So This One Time in Malta… I had visitors!

After a series of unfortunate events (courtesy of RyanAir), last minute holiday reorganization and rerouting, my first visitors came to Malta! Since my apartment has enough room to house at least 20 illegal immigrants (which I haven’t tried, just to clarify)… the three travelling Canadian girls stayed with me in Mosta.

Having only moved to Malta almost 3 weeks ago, I wasn’t exactly the most informative tour guide… so our first stop was a place I am most familiar with: Mdina. This fortified city is located beside Rabat and is situated on a plateau so it over looks east Malta.  It is referred to as the “Silent city” because  only resident cars are allowed in, making it easy to have a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets.

But before we went to Mdina, we visited a small, local restaurant, which I was introduced to during my initial Malta trip. Toffee & Co. is tucked in a small quiet alleyway with small tables outside illuminated by over hanging lights. Since these girls had just come from Rome, I was worried they didn’t have any appetites… and boy was I wrong. The rosé kept flowing as we dived into a cheese board and the Maltese platter, which consisted of olives, crackers, broad beans, sundried tomatoes and traditional dips like Bigilla, a bean dip. Two of the girls ordered set menus, which included homemade cake (carrot cake was a must). The owners were really nice and let us stay outside even after the restaurant was closed. We could have stayed forever… Steph even asked the owner if they served breakfast (hinting that she didn’t to leave). Eventually… we decided not to overdo our stay, so we went for a walk to Mdina.

We entered in through the Mdina gate (go figure, right?) and snaked our way through the city, stopping to admire St. Paul’s cathedral. We walked to Bastion Square for a quick view of Malta and could see the Mosta dome lit up from a ways away. Naturally, our next few steps led us right to Fontanella Tea Garden, where we skipped the tea and enjoyed another few glasses of rosé. Fontanella is well known for its cake and views of Malta… a good spot for a day visit to the Silent City.

After being verbally harassed by a taxi driver, we found a nice Maltese taxi man (who didn’t drive like a Tokyo drift race car driver) and happily crawled into bed. Full bellies and full hearts.

The remainder of their trip consisted of:

  • Day excursion to Gozo and Comino
  • Valletta for dinner at Cafe Jubilee – more cheese boards, Maltese wine and the traditional rabbit dish
  • Golden Bay and Popeye’s village for a nice day in the sun (they got their tans alright)
  • Paceville for a night out – with homemade sangria, sociables and pizza before

Always nice to see familiar faces in this unfamiliar place. The world is so small.

I’ll be spending Christmas with Steph in Ireland, can’t wait!

Ciao Ciao!

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4 thoughts on “My first visitors”

  1. Such a great trip- we had the best host ever 🙂 Can’t wait to come back and visit. PS Where’s the cheese plate though? LOL. Xox


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