Why I have a travel journey and why you should too!

This post is for my Grampa, Basil and my cousin, Olivia… for the inspiration to jot down all my travel memories and in-between bits..

So, to give some background…

My grampa, Basil, was an avid journalist. At home in Canada, my family has copies of all his personal entries since the beginning of time and the experiences he wrote about are absolutely amazing to read.  My Grampa worked and lived in many different countries throughout his adulthood and during the early years of my mother’s life. He documented his time as a policeman in Palestine (now Isreal) and in Ethiopia, where he met his wife, Teresa. After living in Nigeria and Ghana, where my aunt and mother were born, respectively, they decided to have their third born in London because Nanni didn’t want a Nigerian midwife (which she of course had in London anyways! Ha!).  His journals continued to share their experiences and every day family life in New York, Calcutta, Karachi (Pakistan), Montreal, Greece and Dubai (UAE) before returning back to the UK in 1985 for the remainder their lives. There has always one piece that has stuck with me and always influenced me to keep a journal… It was the letter he drafted on August 23, 1991 and sent to Hong Kong, to welcome his second granddaughter into the world. He expected my mother to deliver it to me when I learnt to read… which turned out to be in my third year of university (so, my mom thinks I’m illiterate).


As my brother and I grew up away from the majority of the Cox and Bradly clans, we always travelled to England and surrounding areas for family holidays. When we were younger, my parents would allocate 10-15 minutes before bed for “journal time”. My brother and I were put in separate corners and were told to write a short paragraph about our daily events and a drawing (to be showcased, unfortunately). At the time, I probably pouted while I wrote… but it’s something that I did throughout my teenage years and now into my 20s. I have about 6 journals, documenting my first crushes from grade 6 all the way to my recent travels, career highs and lows in England. Every now and then, I will read one my journals and wow is it ever embarrassing… but yet, highly entertaining!

The evolution of Rachel’s journal:

2002 – 2005: Boys and slumber parties (embarrassing… but come on, we’ve all been there)
2006 – 2009: Sports, boys and highschool graduation (…  lol)
2010: Sports and first year university…….. no description required.
2011-2015: First apartment (da loungeeeee), school stresses, Hali nights, Willy’s food, boyfriend entries and travelling abroad
2015 – Present: Mostly travelling, food and life in general and an electronic journal (aka blog).

Grade 1 journal post

It may seem like a chore to write an entry every week, but it’s always so entertaining to look back on. 10/10, highly recommend. And it’s easy to keep track of travel recommendations for friends and family 🙂

Reasons to journal while travelling and every day life:

  • Can reread memories and almost re-experience the feelings all over again, helps you remember your travels and the individuals you were with and met along the way
  • Good way to keep track of recommendations
  • Makes you realize what is most important and when you’re over analyzing or causing unnecessary stress
  • An easy way to laugh at yourself in future years (and black mail for others…)

[As a side note] My cousin, Olivia, blogged while she lived in Milan working in Fashion! She has a site now, documenting her travel experiences based around flights, fashion and food.  You guys need to read some of her posts… she’s a lot funnier than I am!

Bye for now, Ciao Ciao! Baci




3 thoughts on “Why I have a travel journey and why you should too!”

  1. Oopppps. Bradly does NOT have an E!!!

    Yr grandparents have been fighting this misspelling for so long!

    Questo messaggio è stato inviato tramite del mio iPhone magnifico!

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