This One Last Time in England… I went to Germany


Guten Morgen!

So this one last time in England… I made one last trip and visited my boyfriend, Bryan, in Germany. Good ol’ RyanAir did the trip. Cheap flights, painfully long boarding times and legroom sufficient for a 5 year old… but hey, I made it to Leipzig and Bad Dürrenberg alive!

The next couple of days were spent around Halle (Saale), Leuna and Bad Dürrenberg, seeing the glamorous life Bryan lives and having plenty of cake, coffee and beer. I was impressed to find out about Bad Dürrenberg’s tourist attraction (I know right? An attraction in Bad Dürrenberg?!)… Since Bad in German means ‘bath’ or ‘spa’, Bad Dürrenberg has a spa in the town centre, beside the man made salt wall. Read more about it here and see more photos, it was really cool… Walking and running along this made me feel like I was back in Nova Scotia. This photo only shows a small bit of the wall fyi.


On Sunday, Bryan’s team had two volleyball Cup matches in Berlin. The Real Girlfriends of Bad Dürrenberg (me, Maria and Lauren) spent a couple of hours roaming around Berlin in between the matches, which was great! We went to an amazing vegan restaurant, The Bowl. The name gives it away, because we had a bowl full of deliciousness. Highly recommend if you are in the area of the East Side Gallery, vegan or non-vegan!

Our time in Berlin was very short, we walked around the East Side Gallery area of the wall. The VW buggy car was often used as an escape car through check point charlie!  We saw some sites while driving through Berlin on our way home… a quick glimpse of what to see on our next visit!

We drove on the autobahn back to Bad Dürrenberg. I would talk about how fun it was to drive at such a slowwww speed, but my parents read this and would be worried I was driving so slow. Best to leave it to their imagination?

The following day, we went into Leipzig for a late lunch, beers and a walk around town before my flight. Our pleasant lunch turned into a fiasco when my flight from Leipzig to Cologne was cancelled. After a few phone calls and google map searches, Bryan and I managed to reroute myself through Berlin (with extra costs and travel time of course). This is the not-so-glamorous side of travel, one we don’t post photos about on facebook or any social media… but it exists, it happens and my god its horrible. Bryan, you really saved the day on this one. ANYWAYS, there’s nothing a few pilsners and Schwarzbiers can’t help with… and that’s what we did for my last few hours in Leipzig and our last hours together, and it was perfect end to a crazy trip.

One thing I have learned from a quick trip to Germany, is there is always time for some coffee, cake and a beer, especially Schwarzbier, which is worth coming back for. And on that note, and thanks to the 25 euro flight to Germany, I’ll see you in December, Bad Dürrenberg.

Gute Farht!

Next stop: Malta! 



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