So This One Time… I Moved to Malta


First shout out goes to my loving parents, for supporting me in these crazy life decisions (even though they want me to move back to Canada… don’t worry, it will happen eventually). Anyways…

London Stansted Airport and RyanAir were starting to feel like home – that’s is a scary thought. I arrived back from Berlin at 11:30pm on Monday September 26th and flew out the next day to Malta at 4:00 pm. My flight time organization didn’t leave much room for error (I know Captain Cox will agree with this), but my lack of time management forced me to sleep throughout my entire flight from Berlin, entire taxi drive back to Stowmarket and get a sound sleep for 7 hours… before more packing madness began!

Little playback to my last trip to Malta… which wasn’t the greatest. Last time I visited The Island, I landed with no luggage, no phone charger, little phone battery and was very close to having a sinus and ear infection. Again, the not-so-glamorous side of travel. Although my photos looked amazing, the girl on the other side of the camera couldn’t breathe properly with a side of constant headache.

Malta seemed like heaven. If you know me, then you will know there are three things I cannot live without. The ocean, sun and maltesers. And my family, of course, whom I run my erratic moving plans by briefly and send travel postcards to to show that I am still alive. But some of you might be wondering, “Where is Malta?”.  Where is this tiny little island that I signed my soul to for the next three years? Take a look on Google Maps, 84 km south of Sicily and 134 km east of Tunsania and zoom in x100.

Here are a few more facts in you are not familiar with Malta:

Language: English, Maltese (a cross between Arabic and Italian) and Italian

Currency: Euro

Why people visit: History galore, diving, hot hot heat and low budget airline destinations.

Size: 316 square kilometers. Approximately one sixth the size of PEI… did your jaw just drop? ‘Cause mine sure did.

Population: 420, 534. Making it one of the most populated countries in the EU.

Flag: Flag meaning


Let the adventure begin….


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