Is this thing working?

Hi there! My name is Rachel… A Canadian expat living in the UK and soon-to-be UK expat living in Malta.

I’ve started to notice a pattern with my life, always moving east… Originating in Hong Kong, then to Canada where I moved from Kelowna to Wilcox, Saskatchewan (I will forever need spell check for that one),to Halifax, and then across the pond to Bury St Edmunds, UK.  And in just over a week now, I’ll be jetting off to Malta. Not sure if the mother land is slowly drawing me back or if I’m mesmerized by the  standard 5 week European holiday. And now, I don’t know if I’ll ever settle down or settle for the sad Canadian holiday days (sorry Francesca and Levi!).

This weekend marks one year of living in the land of the Queen, high tea, dreamy David Beckham, and unfortunately, Boris Johnson and Brexit. As life at Innovatum disintegrated like the oil industry itself, it was time to move along and flock to an EU country like every young Brit is doing now.

So…  welcome to my cyber journal, where I will attempt to document silly, serious and surreal experiences of living on the tiny island of Malta. 

Split, Croatia 2016

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